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Dimen Draw is beginning an exciting new chapter focused exclusively on R&D.

Providing engineering services, we are dedicated to being your most trustable & reliable partner.

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Who are we?

Dimen Draw is an industrial firm focused on the design and engineering of unique and creative products and services and a customer-centered approach. From industrial processes to robotics and Artificial Intelligence, we provide customized engineering solutions in every field. Specialized engineers at Dimen Draw are dedicated to providing their customers with the best.

Our team also aims to provide safety equipment to its customers. Our Airbag “MotoVest” for motorbike riders is on its way to hit the market, having the potential to save many lives.

We are staunch believers of innovation through best people, technology, communication, and a philosophy of development that ensures the service of humanity through technology.

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Our engineers provide CAD & CAM services to various industrial manufacturers, entrepreneurs, and business startups.


Need a solution for your specific application? Dimen Draw understands your requirement and provides innovative and efficient consultation for your project.


We believe that the future of the nation lies in technology and are playing our role in automating industrial processes and providing electromechanical designs which are energy and time-efficient systems.

“Our company has the vision of working to contribute to society by providing safety gadgets and design services to the market. The idea of MotoVest Airbag has the noble cause of serving humanity and will surely have a great impact on road safety and beyond. As an engineering firm, we strongly believe in technology as the solution for modern human problems.”

CEO & FOUNDER Dimen draw Pvt Ltd
our bold vision

We're the future now

Custom manufacturing services and solutions built specifically for your business.

Industrial Solutions

Custom manufacturing services and solutions built specifically for your business.

Safety Gadgets

Equipment that you can trust on your journey and work. Protecting you from road accidents and other fall hazards is our goal.

Artificial Intelligence

Our professional R&D team with strict adhesion to the latest tech provides intelligent systems for quick processing and efficiency.


At Dimen Draw, we design and create industrial automata to suit the demands of modern manufacturing and production.


Our company is a pioneer engineering firm in Pakistan providing its services in all domains. Our team of dedicated professionals, designers, and engineers is highly experienced in personalized projects and R&D. Whether you need an analysis or a complete design of any industrial process, electromechanical or architectural, engineers at Dimen Draw ensure high-quality services meeting the satisfaction of our customers.

Our belief is professionalism and strong company-to-customer relationship which we achieve through: 

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Why Dimen Draw?

Dimen Draw is a team of co-operative and passionate professionals who are always ready to communicate with its customers. We inspire our customers with our dedication to smart work and the timely delivery of our services. Our clients include:

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