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Arfa Kareem IT Tower

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We take engineering seriously. Your new project is more than just the material used to construct it. Whether a residential or commercial project, we ensure that we offer the best in industry standards and professionalism
Arfa Kareem IT Tower

Ferozpur Road Lahore

Phone +92 32 44542757


+92 324 4542757
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DimenDraw is drive from two words that are the core of very Engineering i.e. “Dimensions” and “Drawings”. It’s an engineering research and development firm which covers the domains of Electro-mechanical, mechanical designs and system design engineering.

  • Specifically, DimenDraw provides services in following domains

    *  Plant designs

    * Optimal factory design

    * 3D/2D engineering modelling

    * Structural, thermal and fluid machinery analysis

    * Feasibility of industrial system

    * Custom electro-mechanical system designing

DimenDraw have worked on bike airbag mechanism called MotoVest and completed it’s R&D. It is ready to launch in the markets of Pakistan.

Yes, one can apply for job through our website. It’s has a section where one can upload it’s CV.

DimenDraw has a team of engineers in the field of mechanical, mechatronics, industrial and software engineering having a vast field experience in their respective fields.

Easy way to contact through website contact number, email address, inquiry page of website or facebook page inbox.